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"..One could not explain this place to those who have not been here - it is clearly heaven. A piece of paradise in the most spectacular setting I have ever seen..." - Donna, Ontario 2010

"Talus Lodge is a rare gem in the Canadian Rockies. It is a lodge that is nestled into its environment in a very non obtrusive manner, and from which there are a bounty of areas to explore and sights to see. I love it for the diversity of the micro and macro landscapes, the many ecological zones that you can visit, and the profusion of flora and fauna. There is no lodge that I know of in Western Canada that has so much, in such close proximity to the Lodge. From each window and from every vantage point on the expansive decks of the lodge you have beautiful vistas; from the sun sparkling on the alpine tarns, to the majestic talon peak, the flowers in the meadow and the brooding bulk of Mt Assiniboine in the distance. This is a special place, which I have had the privilege of visiting three times and a place I know that I will continue to visit in the future." - Bill, Guelph, ON 2010

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We are leaving with an experience we will never forget? knowledge of plants, environment; hiking opportunities that are unsurpassed, complete relaxation and; smiles. Thank you very much for this opportunity, companionship, new friends and EXCELLENT food." - William and Jan, "The States" 2010

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"Our stay was wonderful. The lodge was cozy and the food was delicious. We felt right at home. The hiking was perfect - not too fast with great views. We will be back" - Deb and Cliff, Sacramento, Ca 2009

"I couldn't be happier and more over-joyed than to be here, amongst the beautiful surroundings and to now be sharing this experience with my fiancé! We wish Talus nothing but great success! It is an incredible inspiring and pristine place to visit amidst the noise and clutter of today's fast paced world." - LL and Chris, 2008

"Our Favorite Things (at Talus)"

High lofty mountains and cold icy lakes
Fine gourmet dinners and moist spicy carrot cakes
Saunas and sing songs, a loo with a view
These are the things Talus Lodge offers you.

Hiking to Cirque Lakes and to Angel's Landing
Rain showers and snowstorms to frustrate your planning
Goats, deer and ptarmigan chicks, dear little things
These are the things that Talus Lodge brings.

When your feet ache, when your knees creek
When your back is bad,
You simply remember your great times spent here
And then you don't feel so bad.

- Nanette, 2008

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Trish and I kept pinching ourselves that we were actually here! Superb cuisine, exceptional guide, stunning geography that was forever shifting with the elements! This place is so alive! Talus Lodge is a testimony to believing in ones dreams and fulfilling them! Hard work, passion, dedication, enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing one of God's pockets with us!" - Steve and Trish, 2007

"We felt like we were the first visitors to this pristine area. Fabulous "Canada Select 10 Star Plus" lodge accommodation with gold medal gourmet meals by Katie. We are fortunate to have perfect weather to challenge ourselves on Royal & Whiteman Rige as well as exploring the plateau, lakes and meadows . Remarkable experience which we will be recommending. Thank you Dan and Chris for sharing this special place with us." - Kamloops Outdoor Club, 2007

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